AR Duty Trigger

AR Duty Trigger

AR Duty Trigger



We are pleased to announce a major product release – AR Duty Triggers. Our existing Performance Line was inspired by pro shooters who need to excel in competition. As Mil/LE operators adopted our AR line, the feedback was clear:

What They Loved

Reliability; confident in the trigger’s performance, even in the harshest environments

Trigger Break; Zero Creep TechnologyTM creates a crisp break every time

Service Life; proprietary design outlasts the competition

What They Asked For

Tactile Feel:

  • Longer and Heavier first-stage
  • Heavier reset force
  • Cost-sensitive price point

Intended Use

Close quarter engagement,  harsh environments operations,  law enforcement, military,  3 Gun,  varmint hunting.

Trigger Control Details

Trigger Lever Type: Traditional Curved or Flat Straight
Trigger Action: Single-Stage or Two-Stage
Zero Creep™: Yes
TKR Technology: Yes
CLKR Technology: Yes 
FLTWR Technology: Yes 
Creep: 0.000"
Overtravel: 0.060"
Reset: 0.070"
Reset Feel: Tactile mid force
Hammer Strike Force: Full
Pin Size: Standard Mil-Spec Pin 0.154" (trigger pins not included)
Satisfaction Guarantee : 30 days
Warranty: Product lifetime
Weapon Platforms: AR-15, AR-10, AR-9

Material Details

Housing: EZAC Diecast
Key Components: 440C Stainless Steel
PVD Black – PVD stands for Physical Vapour Deposition. It is a hard and durable coating that is applied to external stainless components to give them a clean black color.  

Full Description

The AR Duty line is the latest in TriggerTech triggers that offers robust reliability without compromising performance. Inspired by active MIL / LE Operators these triggers offer a longer take up (on two-stages) and a more forceful reset.

All pull weights and measurements are approximate.

The installation guide is directed to experienced professional gunsmiths who understand the workings of their AR rifle and know how to fully detail strip the lower receiver. If you do not have these skills, we strongly suggest you retain the services of a competent professional gunsmith to install your trigger, and perform all important safety checks.

For more information please refer to Frequently Asked Questions.

Download the instruction manual here.