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TriggerTech Single-Stage AR15 Triggers Have Arrived!

TriggerTech Single-Stage AR15 Triggers Have Arrived!

We are thrilled to introduce a brand-new line up of TriggerTech Single-Stage AR15 Trigger, available now!

Developing the Single-Stage AR

To develop a TriggerTech Single-Stage AR15 trigger we started with our proven Two-Stage AR platform that has been in the field since 2016 and combined it with a serious amount of ingenuity from our engineering department. While it was initially viewed as not possible, our team of engineers developed a solution that allowed us to eliminate the need for a first-stage within our two-stage. The result has all of us at TriggerTech scratching our heads - we always felt that the unique combination of a short first stage, true Zero-Creep break, extremely short over travel and the ability to reset on the 2nd stage made our Two-Stage the perfect AR15 trigger. Now that we have our fingers on the only true Zero-Creep, Single-Stage AR trigger we are all in agreement – the new TriggerTech Single-Stage AR15 is our new go-to for most applications. 

The Single-Stage AR Line-Up
The Single-Stage AR Triggers will be offered in a wide lineup that give customers choice but stops short of overwhelming them. Our AR15 triggers are available now and the AR10 and AR9 ones will be released in the near future. 

The same Zero-Creep TechnologyTM is used in our single-stage AR triggers which is comprised of a patented, free-floating roller that is captured between the sear and the ticker. This advancement makes it possible for us to eliminate creep from every one of our triggers. 

Although the TriggerTech Single-Stage AR may look very close to it Two-Stage AR counterpart, developing the Single-Stage AR was no easy task. Many factors come into play that created challenges for our engineering team. The major challenge was that our disconnect technology was originally designed to require a first stage. Eliminating any movement in the lever before the break required a completely new disconnect profile. Another advantage of the two-stage design from a manufacturing perspective is that any stack-up lever ‘slop’ is masked by the first stage. We had to revisit the processes and tolerances for all three pivots in the lever-disconnect stack to ensure a perfectly crisp first stage. 

This a trigger scan that shows the force and displacement of our Single-Stage AR Diamond Trigger vs. a Two-Stage AR Diamond Trigger both set at 1.5 lbs. The chart shows the single-stage’s immediate zero creep break.


New Product Releases!

We are pleased to present the following new products - Remington 700 Bottom Safety, Armalite AR-50, AR10 and SIG MCX triggers!

Shot Show 2020

TriggerTech will be at SHOTSHOW 2020 at the Sands Expo Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada January 21 - 24. We will be featuring our 2020 product line and handing out our New Product Catalogue. We encourage you to meet the TriggerTech team and pick up some hats and patches!

Our booth will be featuring our latest product releases, and we have a lot coming out this year! Come by to test them out!

Download our 2020 Catalog here.