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MPA Spring Shootout - Arena Training Facility - Bakely, GA

MPA Spring Shootout - Arena Training Facility - Bakely, GA

The MPA Spring Shootout PRS Match was held at the Arena Training Facility in Blakely, Georgia on April 14- 15th. This facility is previously known as the “Legion” and is a 2300-acre training facility. The match featured stages consisting of multiple shooting positions and was designed to challenge a shooters ability to accurately engage various target types out to extended distances. 

MasterPiece Arms is one of TriggerTechs valued partners and we have worked closely over the past few years. MPA was a driving force in the development of the TriggerTech Special Trigger – a 1.0 – 3.5 lbs adjustable R700 trigger. In fact this trigger was initially referred to in house as the “R700 Trigger – MPA Specs”. The trigger was an instant hit and further carved out TriggerTechs position in the market.

The match began with hot weather and clear skies, but we knew that heavy winds and serious rainfall were in the forecast for the second day. With this in mind Phil and the Range Officers decided to run extra stages on the first day in anticipation that the storm on Sunday could halt the remainder of the match.

TriggerTechs own, Taylor Bacon flew down to attend the match to show his support for MPA and the shooters. Of course, he did not come empty handed. Taylor supplied lunch for everyone – Chick-fil-A! TriggerTech also donated triggers and gift certificates to the prize table to support the match and its shooters.

Congratulations to TriggerTechs sponsored shooter Matt Rooks of the Short Action Customs Team, who took first place at the match. Great to hear our shooters are continuing to take top places at the matches. Matt is using our TriggerTech Diamond – Pro Curved.

Matt Rooks rifle was built by Short Action Customs out of Wellington Ohio:

Rifle Specs:

“I believe the most important part of your rifle is the trigger. Pulling the trigger should be a subconscious effort of shooting a rifle and the best way to achieve this is through a Trigger Tech Diamond. Consistency of pull, reliability in any condition, and ease of adjustability from the Diamond Trigger has provided me with the confidence to get my first National PRS win and compete at the winning level.”– Matt Rooks

The storm came in heavy on Sunday and Taylor fled the scene to catch his flight home to Toronto. However, Toronto was in the middle of its own epic ice storm and his flight was cancelled. Thankfully he made his way home safe and sound.

We would like to thank Phil Cashin and MPA for having TriggerTech at the match. Also, thanks to all the shooters, it was great meeting you and seeing you in action! We will be at more matches this year and hope to see you there.

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