New Product Releases!

We are pleased to present the following new products - Remington 700 Bottom Safety, Armalite AR-50, AR10 and SIG MCX triggers!

AR10 and SIG MCX Triggers

We have developed new variants in our AR lineup to include specific triggers for AR10’s and the SIG MCX. New hammer design and internal technology has allowed us to make the most reliable AR triggers on the market for these specific platforms. 

Remington 700 Bottom Safety Triggers

Have a larger action? No problem, we have a bottom safety trigger! Available in our Diamond, Special and Primary models.

Armalite AR-50 Triggers

 The ideal upgrade for this platform. Available in our Primary model.



Remington 700 Two-Stage

Our patented (pending) Two-Stage Rem 700 Triggers are complete and we are ramping up for the release date next month! We are thrilled with the triggers performance with over a year in development and we will be releasing our Special and Diamond versions to hunters, recreational and competitive shooters very soon! More details in the coming weeks. 


We are almost ready to release the Weatherby Mark V Trigger. TriggerTech is supplying Weatherby with Mark V Field Triggers (2.5 – 5.0 lbs) for use in their Mark V rifles. TriggerTech will also be releasing Mark V Primary (1.5 – 4.0 lbs) and Special Triggers (1.0 – 3.5 lbs) to the aftermarket. Both TriggerTech models will be available with a Weatherby Curved lever or a Straight Flat lever, in PVD black. More details to follow in the coming weeks!