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2017 PRS Finale Results

2017 PRS Finale Results


Dec 8 - 10, 2017

The PRS Bolt Gun Finale was held at Kill Zone Range in Camargo, Oklahoma last weekend. The top 100 competitive shooters in the country met to compete in the final match of the year. Winner of the Finale received $25,000 and the winner of the season received $25,000. We released the Diamond Trigger at GAP Grind in October and could not wait to see it in action.

The Diamond, a Rem 700 Trigger that was designed to meet the requirements of leading competitive shooters. It features our crispest break yet, a pull weight adjustment range from below 4 oz to 32 oz, our new Variable Rate Adjustment Technology and the new Pro Curved trigger lever. As a trigger builder we worked closely with the best shooters in the game to develop this trigger. K&M Precision Rifle Training Team has been working on its development with us over the past 6 months and has used them on their rifles for the 2017 season. Team Surgeon Captain, Matt Brousseau (finished 1st place in the season), provided feedback to develop the TriggerTech exclusive Pro Curved lever.. The Diamond was developed with the best shooters in the country with new technology and innovation. No wonder why seven of the top ten shooters at the Finale had them in their rifles.

From left to right - Traditional Curved, Pro Curved, Flat

Several of our shooters from the TriggerTech Team were competing at the Finale and TriggerTechs own, Mark Skeels just had to come out and watch the Diamond perform at the biggest match of the year. But we did not show up empty handed, we brought a coffee truck to the middle of nowhere in freezing weather at 0700 hours to make sure the competitors, range safety officers and staff had something warm to drink and eat.

The weather was certainly not favorable for the shooters. Freezing temperatures in the morning, strong winds throughout the day and most of all the Oklahoma moon dust was getting into everyone’s triggers! A total of eight triggers went down in these conditions and not one TriggerTech! We had given extra Diamond Triggers to our team and asked them to use them if another shooters trigger went down. In the first day our team gave four Diamonds to competitors with downed triggers. Reliability at matches is a big concern, every shooter has a personal story of high consequence sliding friction trigger failures. At TriggerTech our mission is focused on enhancing our customers’ success without compromising on reliability or safety. Contamination testing is a big part of that. We are happy to report that the Diamond offers extreme resilience in harsh environments, a feature that all our triggers are known for. In the dust test, where the Diamond is intentionally contaminated with lab-grade Arizona Dust, it continues to operate with virtually no change to Trigger pull characteristics. This is achieved by our rolling friction technology and how the channeling in our triggers is designed to flush out contaminants.

In 2018 our sponsored shooters will have a “Match Saver” Diamond Trigger on them. This crucial backup trigger will be available to any shooter who has a trigger go down during a match. We don’t want any shooter to have trigger problems on the range, and if you do, we are there to help.

We would like to congratulate all of the PRS Finale participants. Especially our sponsored shooters. It was a great weekend and we cannot wait to see more matches and meet more shooters next year!

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